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colorfulFlowersThis website is designed to keep every resident and future resident informed and up-to-date on the vital issues that affect all homeowners. You will quickly find access to the governing documents, calendars of upcoming community meetings, copies of our latest Tanoan Talk newsletter, home improvement information and links to association pages and the e-mail address of all officers and directors.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. is located to the west of Eubank Blvd. in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights, with its own homeowners association. Our community consists of ten individual neighborhoods providing a variety of housing options. Our families enjoy an environment of open green spaces and family friendly living in a well cared for community that has gracefully maturpond4ed since its inception.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. has committed and talented neighbors who have come together with great ideas, and then volunteered to put them into practice. There are always important decisions to be made about how to continue maintaining and improving the look and feel of our community. We encourage you to get involved in community social events, volunteering as a committee member or just voicing your opinion at board meetings. We hope you will share your talents as we continue to maintain a safe and desirable community in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights.

Message from the President

President’s Message (Feb 2016/Mar 2016)

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all had a wonderful Holiday Season.

As we move into the New Year, it appears that the weatherman was correct in that el nino in recent weeks has brought us colder temperatures with increased precipitation. Residents should be alert to lawn sprinklers running early in the morning, leaving frozen sidewalks. Homeowners are responsible for their sidewalks. Should anyone slip the homeowner would be held accountable. Yards should only be watered above 38 degrees and only after 11 a.m. during the winter months.

Our major project last year was the installation of new lighting throughout Tanoan. Under past Board President, Patti Hinds, and with the dedicated coordination of Board Director, Jeff Philbin, and the Select Lighting Committee, new light fixtures with LED lights were installed on time and on budget. The new lights are “nite sky” compliant, and the Board has received numerous compliments since their installation. We are anxiously waiting to see what savings the new lights will have on the Association’s monthly electrical bills. Thanks again to Patti, Jeff, and the Committee.

Just as up-graded lighting was a part of our security concerns, last year the BOD purchased and installed three self-contained, digital cameras. These cameras are motion activated and have infrared technology to take photos during the day and at night. In addition, to further upgrade the Association’s camera coverage at the Academy and Ventura gates, our electronic data links can now carry high-definition video. HD cameras are being installed this month and will bring better coverage at both locations. An additional camera is being installed on the top of a light pole at the Ventura gate. This camera will provide video coverage of the AMAFCA field, which is located between the gate and Torrey Pines. While these cameras may help solve a crime, the best prevention is for the individual homeowner to insure that his/her property and home are secure.

Tanoan is financially sound and well positioned to address projects which will keep our community vibrant. Our monthly Board Meetings are held on the third Thursday each month at the HOA Office. I encourage you to attend, as your thoughts and ideas are always welcome and appreciated.

Paul Dembnicki
President, Board of Directors

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