Welcome To The Tanoan Community Association

colorfulFlowersThis website is designed to keep every resident and future resident informed and up-to-date on the vital issues that affect all homeowners. You will quickly find access to the governing documents, calendars of upcoming community meetings, copies of our latest Tanoan Talk newsletter, home improvement information and links to association pages and the e-mail address of all officers and directors.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. is located to the west of Eubank Blvd. in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights, with its own homeowners association. Our community consists of ten individual neighborhoods providing a variety of housing options. Our families enjoy an environment of open green spaces and family friendly living in a well cared for community that has gracefully maturpond4ed since its inception.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. has committed and talented neighbors who have come together with great ideas, and then volunteered to put them into practice. There are always important decisions to be made about how to continue maintaining and improving the look and feel of our community. We encourage you to get involved in community social events, volunteering as a committee member or just voicing your opinion at board meetings. We hope you will share your talents as we continue to maintain a safe and desirable community in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights.

Message from the President

President’s Message (Aug 2016/Sept 2016)

Stop Signs: Recently residents have observed drivers making rolling or California stops; or, as Director Charlotte Schoenmann corrected me, “Hollywood” stops at stop signs on the northern section of Tanoan Drive. Many of our new community residents are younger families with small children. Please be especially careful and cautious at all times and come to a complete stop when encountering all stop signs in Tanoan. You may also notice Community Patrol stationed in the vicinity of these stop signs.

Zia 2: Our last good rain storm in early June revealed some weaknesses in our reconstruction on the north side of Zia 2. This occurred only in the areas where the rock was replaced without the basketing of rocks or “riprap.” The riprap areas performed as anticipated, holding off any erosion. The BOD authorized another $1600 for Leeco to fill in approximately 50 to 70 feet of washed-out areas with riprap and larger cobble stones. Engaging Leeco has been very cost effective, as an engineering study alone for this project would have cost approximately $30K+.

Golf Course Water Issues: The BOD continues to monitor the ongoing issue of the Country Club’s reduction of watering on the golf course; Doug Wayne, Club GM, advised that desert style landscaping behind Zia #3 and Zia #4 will begin the week of July 17th. Poster sized renderings will be available in the Clubhouse Lobby for viewing.

HOA Stickers: The replacement of Tanoan vehicle stickers is well into its second year; however, there are still a few residents who have not gotten new stickers for their vehicles. Therefore, the BOD approved a resolution for a $25 fine for residents without up-to-date stickers. Please stop by the Community Relations office if a new sticker is needed.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our BOD meetings.

Best Regards,
Paul Dembnicki, President

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