Piatanzi Bistro and Pizzeria

Piatanzi Bistro and Pizzeria

1403 Girard Blvd NE,
Albuquerque, NM 87106



Piatanzi is the creation of husband and wife team, Pete and Maggie Lukes.

Pete was formerly the Chef and Owner of Terra Bistro, here in Albuquerque’s North Valley since its opening in 1998. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Pete has had many years of experience both in the kitchen and running the business of a restaurant. He has worked for such notable Chefs as Hubert Keller and Roland Passot in their San Francisco restaurants.

Maggie Lukes comes to the restaurant world completely fresh from having had a successful career in Interior Design and Architecture. Maggie is new to the restaurant world, but very enthusiastic about sharing in the business with Pete and welcoming people to Piatanzi.

While designing the space, both Pete and Maggie agreed to make the restaurant a true family co-operative.

We love to travel, and to eat! We have found that our most enjoyable and memorable dining experiences have been where we were able to order many small plates with just a few perfect bites of food, that we could share. Because we also have kids, this style of dining meant that we were able to introduce new things to them in a way that brought us all together as a family; Sharing food and experiences together made our connections to one another stronger and more meaningful.

Food and drink brings people together, which brings community together. We hope that Piatanzi will become a favorite neighborhood spot in which community can gather and enjoy delicious meals, share some wine and savor good company.